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At every touchpoint we get you closer to your customer.

We are not your standard marketing agency. We are focussed on one thing and one thing only -


We define Retail customer experience as the overall experience of customers with a retail brand, across the onmichannel and all touchpoints in the customer journey, whether in a brick and mortar store or online or on the phone. Right from when customers walk into a store or visit a retail brand’s website, until the actual purchase, billing, packaging, delivery and post-purchase, how smooth their journey is what makes for retail customer experience 


Keep in mind that Customer Experience is the sum of all the interactions a customer has with your business and or brand.  We create for you a custom-designed CX implementation program delivered by the most experienced CX services experts, with actionable steps to deliver a positive, meaningful Customer Experience in every interaction any customer has with your business, both pre- and post-sale.


We look forward to working with you. 


- Customer Experience Strategy 

- Employee Experience Strategy 

- Digital Strategy 

- Mystery Shopping

- Consumer Insights 

- Market Insights and Global Best Practice 

- Training 

- Social Media Strategy and Management 


We work with several leading brands, some with a global presence.  With offices in Australia , the UK and North America we have the reach to service major brand requirements and tailor solutions accordingly.


For more information on how we can get you closer to your customer,  contact us using the form below.

Our Founder Marlene Nurick

Featured in Forbes Magazine &
New York Times Journal 


"We cannot speak highly enough of Akktiv8 and in particular Marlene, who have essentially transformed our business and the way we look at it. They continually provide valuable research, data and insights into customer satisfaction across our entire customer experience and business. It's a truly invaluable tool as we can act swiftly to enable positive change in the way we interact with people who walk into our stores. We love the easy use of their analysis portal which gives us real-life information to overhaul some internal processes or procedures that we might have missed or not even thought about. The relationship with Akktiv8 will only strengthen as we look to utilise more and more of their services to enhance our offering."
Andrew Dean
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