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Customer Experience Strategy 

- Brand Story 

- Customer journey Mapping 

- Deep Dive into departmental Customer focus 

- Mystery Shopping

- Customer Pain Point Mapping 

- Gap Analysis 

- Joint Plan to close with brand, retailer across departments 

Customer Journey Mapping


Akktiv8 - Steps to Building your Customer Journey Map

• Set a clear objective for the map.

• Define your personas and highlight target customers.

• Define stages and identify goals for each.

• List out touchpoints.

• Gather data and customer feedback.

• Determine pain points and points of friction.

• Identify areas for improvement.

A great CX strategy requires a customer-centric mindset and intensive planning. Having a sound digital experience strategy requires working across all business functions with an omnichannel approach in mind. Let us start with what it means, why is it important, and the best practices of how to improve customer experience.

What is a Customer Experience (CX) Strategy? 

Customer experience (CX) strategy refers to the holistic perception of the experience of customers with your brand.  

A great customer experience results from customer-brand and customer-customer interactions at touchpoints across all channels as they move through the various customer journey stages, from awareness, evaluation, and progress to purchase and post-purchase scenarios.

Each and every brand action impacts customer perception and their decision to retain your business or not. Thus, having great customer experience management is your key to success.



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